Youtube Rewind hits 100 million views!

Well kids, we finally made it. One hundred million views. That’s a 1 followed by 8 zeros. Eight of ‘em! If you tip an 8 on its side, it looks a lot like the infinity sign, which it might as well be, because my goodness a hundred million is a lot! “YouTube Rewind: What Does 2013 Say?”, the video that Sweatpants Media co-produced with Portal A last December, finally crossed that threshold this morning to a mix of pride, contentment, and relief (at least for the intern tasked with checking the view count every day…).

Youtube 7

The video is an epic mash-up of everything great the internet had to offer in the year 2013. From Kid President to PewDiePie to the bizarrely hilarious “What Does The Fox Say?”, Rewind 2013 was a highly-concentrated dose of awesome, now viewed by a nine-figure audience.

Youtube 3

Jenna Marbles imitating Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball”

Youtube 8

PewDiePie screaming at a “Youtube rewind” button

As fun as it is to watch, it was at least twice that fun to make. Partnering with Portal A is always an exciting experience, and when you’ve got a client like YouTube, it’s hard not to have a good time. Getting to pull out toys like our octocopter and brushless gimbal, or the Phantom camera and Ultimate Arm, made the entire process that much more thrilling.

Youtube 4

Craig Coker – the Gimbal Ninja

Youtube 5

Harley Morenstein from “Epic Meal Time” and a goat.

Youtube 6

MysteryGuitarMan rapping with a goat

Youtube 2

Not all of our projects are as enthralling or as rewarding as this one, but it’s something we aim for every day. With this massive landmark in the bag, we’re more motivated than ever to continue producing high quality, highly creative content.

Re-watch all of the chaos below!

– Special thanks to our friends over at Portal A for including us in this amazing production.

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