Sweatpants Media Photography

Moving pictures have been Sweatpants Media’s business for over two years now.  In that time we’ve shot hundreds of thousands of frames. Millions! Bajillions…? That being said, it’s funny how intimidating it can be to shoot one frame at a time. It’s just one frame! We’re always thinking of ways to make the company better […]

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Andy Bell – Loose in South Africa

A very short and to-the-point email from my friend Roland Sands to our buddies Grant Gorman, Erik Bond, Roland’s dad Perry, and me received a very resounding YES when he asked if we wanted to ride motorcycles across South Africa. Details were sketchy (Roland sucks at planning), but we all figured “What the hell? Let’s […]

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Viceroy New York 2014 video campaign

When Sweatpants Media was contracted by the Viceroy Hotel Group to feature their newest location, the Viceroy New York in Manhattan we knew that the piece would need to communicate a high-end, high fashion feel. The client’s expectations were, as always, high. Every shot needed to look like it was pulled from a fashion magazine. Since this […]

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