Red Bull Rhythm with Travis Pastrana

There’s rarely a dull moment over here at Sweatpants Media. Go, Go, Go! is our way of life. So when I’m on a job far away in the middle of the desert and I get a text that says, “You have a flight tomorrow at 10am”, I’m not surprised. This time it was out to […]

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Toyota broadcast commercial in the desert

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know it came out a while ago, but I found this old blog that never got published while we were making the transition to our new website and figured it was still relevant since the spot is still airing on TV.   I grew up in the lush green fields of […]

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Youtube Rewind hits 100 million views!

Well kids, we finally made it. One hundred million views. That’s a 1 followed by 8 zeros. Eight of ‘em! If you tip an 8 on its side, it looks a lot like the infinity sign, which it might as well be, because my goodness a hundred million is a lot! “YouTube Rewind: What Does […]

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