*This is part 2 of the Toyota Baja 1000 blog. Part 1 can be read here: BAJA BLOG PART 1 After all of the build up and all of the preparation, it was finally race day. Our photographer Tony Di Zinno and I climbed in a helicopter for the first leg of the race. The […]

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Toyota Baja 1000 (PART 1)

Disclaimer – The Baja 1000 is a massive undertaking. So was writing a blog post about it! I have broken it up into two parts so it’s not so overwhelming.   I’m no stranger to long drives. Attending college in Boulder, Colorado meant at least two road trips back to Minneapolis per year. The trip […]

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Panasonic Home Monitoring System

Most of us here at Sweatpants Media come from a place where it’s cold and snowy during the holiday season. We just couldn’t make it through December without seeing any winter so we brought snow to Long Beach! Panasonic came to us with an ALMOST impossible task this October… Produce a national television commercial on […]

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