BMW Concept 101

Usually when three large, intimidating men in leather motorcycle gear walk into a room, there’s cause for concern… In a recent case, it was quite the opposite. The three men in question are some of the nicest guys we have ever worked with. They represent BMW’s prestigious motorcycle design team from Germany and they create […]

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Nitto Battle of the Streets

It’s no secret I love cars. And helicopters. Once in a while my job allows me to play with both. That was certainly the case with our recent project for Nitto Tire. We had a lot of fun. Nitto wanted to produce a series of videos that could release in conjunction with the NCAA March Madness […]

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It’s that time of year again, when all the dust has settled from the holidays and I’m off my month-long health kick and back to eating pizza and hot pockets. Oh, and also when we release our new demo reel! I was a little nervous when we first started talking about the new reel because […]

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