Sweatpants Media

Sweatpants Media is a full-scale, independent film production and creative agency specializing in unique, innovative content for film, TV and the web. At Sweatpants Media, it’s our job to take an idea from average to epic, and we’re good at our job.

Based in Long Beach, CA, the firm works coast to coast as well as abroad, filming in cities around the world. Young and hungry, Sweatpants Media tackles everything from broadcast commercials and viral web videos to uniquely creative branded content in a way that screams originality. At Sweatpants Media, our passion for film pushes us to reach the full creative, intelligent, and meaningful potential for every project we undertake.

Our in-house creative team lifts a project off the ground before our production team takes it home. With a network that spans industries and generations, no project is too big. With access to a huge array of equipment, no job is too technical. With a creative team that has the rare quality of being both young and experienced, no idea is too rigid or too shapeless. Sweatpants Media can make something out of nothing or take an existing idea to the next level.

Andy Bell
Executive Producer

Meet The Team

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