It’s that time of year again, when all the dust has settled from the holidays and I’m off my month-long health kick and back to eating pizza and hot pockets. Oh, and also when we release our new demo reel!


I was a little nervous when we first started talking about the new reel because it’s always such a massive undertaking.

A001_C028_081367 Mike Ness 7 RB photo 9 Viceroy 1

We have to dig through all of the hard drives we own, sifting through everything to find our favorite shots before arranging in just the right way. Over thirty projects are represented in this year’s reel, and although that’s just a small fraction of the work we’ve done, it’s still a lot to fit into two and a half minutes!


Making a demo reel, like any project, requires a concept, a style, and most importantly, a purpose. The difference is that this time we are selling ourselves. We have to define who we are and who we want to be moving forward. Of course it’s a lot easier for us to sell someone else than it is to sell ourselves, and that made developing our concept this year a bit trickier.

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Roner (6) SPM TOY 4RUN Day 1_-9 Youtube 3_MG_3853

We had all hands on deck for this one. Our senior editor Dave Phelps led the charge, Adam Hagaman was on music duty (and earned a little 24-can bonus when he found the song), Mike Zeller worked his magic with some motion graphics, and Chris Dallas-Feeney helped sort through and organize hours of footage based on some pretty vague instructions.

BTS Omar's shoot-3 BTS Omar's shoot-12 ESG_8696


Although it’s a long and grueling endeavor, creating a new demo reel is always a rewarding process. It’s fun to re-live some of our favorite moments of the year.

Fashion 4 Fashion Slider


We’ve been fortunate to work with some exciting companies. Panasonic, Toyota, Red Bull, BMW and The Viceroy Hotel chain have allowed us to live quite the adventurous life. Without them, we’d just be a group of idiots with a high mullet-to-normal-hair ratio (2 out of 12!). Thankfully that’s not the case, and we hope that our 2015 demo reel will help show you why.




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